Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Off

OK, so I haven't updated all month. What can I say? I've been slacking off. Haven't been feeling all that great, dealing with healing and coming back from vacation to find alot of odds and ends not being attended to ... so I've been picking up the pieces. I missed too many trainings and too many meals to take this race as serious as I intended to.

I know I'll finish ... but I know I could have given more. I didn't come close to my 10k goal or get any of the sponsors I was hoping to get. But I do want to thank IES, ILS, Brookmeade Deli, Home Depot and my friends and family who helped make this happen. Even those that didn't contribute or do the things they said they would. I know who you are ... and I know who I can count on! Thanks.

I'm off to Texas in the morning to face the race that is the Capital of Texas Triathlon.

1 comment:

David Castellano said...

My good man...

We are all very proud of all your hard work & dedication.

I hope you enjoyed yourself during the event....

Keep up the great attitude,
David Castellano