Monday, April 16, 2012

Black Founders Conference 2012

I've been out of touch lately. So out of touch I missed the Black Founders Conference "Ideas are Worthless 2012".

This conference took place April 11th, 2012 and it's a "forum to connect, educate, and inspire every attendee towards execution. Hosted by Black Founders Startup Ventures and Goodwin Procter LLP, the conference will bring together a diverse perspective of tech entrepreneurship, while providing a platform for emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to connect and take action."

This conference helps small business owners and startups geared toward tech to take that next step, whatever that next step is.  It's great to have an idea but what's the point if you don't take action towards bringing that idea to fruition.  These guys come to NY once a year and there are many others out there.

This was my basic premise for 2011 and will continue throughout 2012.  I have a boatload of ideas in many different areas and many have come to fruition ... some profitable and more of them absolutely NOT profitable.  I have plenty of ideas that have been brewing and many more will fail and many more will be successful.  Honestly, all it takes is one decent idea and great execution to make it happen.  

I constantly hear people talk about how rough things are in this economy.  More millionaires are made during a depression than any other economic cycle.  Get off the couch, put it to paper and get started!

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