Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snowed in!

Yesterday we got 18 inches of snow so I guess I'm trapped in the house. What better excuse to catch up on this blog.

I got to the pool late last Sunday! It was daylight savings time, I didn't sleep well the night before but I made it and I was ready to swim. Coach had a present for me - an Orca wetsuit provided by Team in Training! I don't have to worry about drowning or staying on top of the water now. I can focus on form, technique and endurance.

Trying out the wetsuit in the pool.

How many of you can say you're training with Olympians and Superwomen?

I'm still running at a slow pace but at this point the distance is more important than the time.

Did I mention that I am sore in body parts that I long ago forgot existed? After last weekend's swim and run my shoulder started bothering me. The next morning it was KILLING me. Not sure why but at the very top of my shoulder it felt like someone hit me with a hammer! So I gave up any weights this week and focused on my swimming. I worked abs 3 days, ran 2 days and of course I hit the pool 4 times this week.

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