Friday, March 2, 2007

Triathlon Training - Week 5

5 weeks ago I couldn't swim. I could float face down and flop around looking like a fish out of water . . . except I was in water! As of yesterday I can do a lap. I ran 2 days this week, but today was the first time outdoors . After 45 minutes I realized that I needed to spend more time outdoors. There were definitely different muscles at play here.

After the first couple weeks of attending group swim coaching, I realized that I wasn't going to cut it on my own during the week and group sessions on weekends. The head coach hooked me up with her daughter who agreed to coach me 1 on 1 Tues and Thurs at 5am. This was great news!

Obstacle 1:
I have a 17 month old son and his daycare center doesn't open until 6:30am . So what do I do? I wake up at 4am, get him ready and get to the pool by 5:15 or so. After I change, he follows me alongside the pool screaming dada!!!!!! while holding coach's hand. Of course this takes away from the coaching experience but some improvement is better than no improvement.

After swim I usually drop the baby off at school and hit the weights at the local gym. Tuesday = lower body and Thursday upper.
Mon, Wed, Fri I usually run and stretch in the mornings followed by whatever bodypart I missed on my weight day.
I haven't touched the bike yet ... at least not consistently.

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