Saturday, March 10, 2007

What a Week

It's bedtime but I promised to give a quick update. I went to FL last week on business and even though I got to the airport over an hour early, my plane never took off. Due to mechanical problems and not being cleaned the night before ... all the passengers were bussed to the nearest airport 2 hours away! Peter Pan bus lines did the right thing and got us there in one piece safe and sound. We got the New York's JFK and had to fight for meal vouchers. It was the least they could do. I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie "The Terminal". I helped a woman who didn't speak any english. I made sure all of the passengers from my flight knew about the meal vouchers even though we got split up across different flights. I didn't find an outlet and wireless in the same area until it was almost time to board the plane, so I charged my phone and read my book. Once we got on the plane ... the Jet Blue flight was great. I was supposed to arrive in FL around 11am and ended getting there by 6pm.

I had an interesting week working in FL, I learned much and pray that the customers don't misuse the new features they are about to get. I'll be giving presentations next week to all of the employees ... let's hope I retained all the information.

I was able to swim everyday once I checked into the hotel, did the stairmaster one morning and ran another morning. I took today off and its back to serious hardcore training in the morning.

I came back to find that the electrical work on kitchen rehab 1 is complete. We are waiting for an inspection. The wall and base cabinets have been purchased and delivered! I talk to the contractor tomorrow so we can plan for this week.

Oh yeah, I'm about halfway through the Wealthy Pauper and will be doing a book review soon.

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