Sunday, March 4, 2007

Triathlon Simulator 1

OK so today was the simulator! This is what everyone was dreading. We are supposed to swim, bike and run back to back with no rest in between except to change. Almost like a real race except everyone took their time changing. Each event is performed for 30 minutes and the coach records your progress and gives you tips.

It seems that although we are 5 weeks into the training schedule everyone's only focus has been swimming.


OK so if this were a real race I would've drowned but I did 16 lengths or 8 laps in 30 minutes. My breathing was labored and I stopped to rest but I completed 16 lengths! Not bad for someone who can barely tread water and couldn't swim 5 weeks ago!!!!!!

The bike 30 minutes, indoors on a trainer - no problem. But the run was outdoors and it was about 30 degrees today. Even bundled up I was freezing but toughed it out. I must have walked about a third of the way. I reaaaaally shouldn't have run yesterday.

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