Sunday, April 8, 2007

Who needs a Coach?

Coach T is probably my favorite coach. He's really tough and doesn't let up. He wakes me up really early in the morning to swim or hit the road and will keep me up late at night to do my sit-ups. During the swim, he runs along side the pool yelling at me to keep going.

When I'm running he's right in front of me in his jogging stroller.

When I'm biking (on nice days only) he's behind me in the trailer.

He's my main coach and keeps me going from day to day.

The head coach for Team in Training is Coach Bonnie and she does the training on Sundays. She's done a million triathlons and has been a professional swim coach for a long time. I get to train with the group and it feels great to get the constant encouragement from the athletes who were in my position when they first started.

Monday nights I was taking lessons from Total Immersion and had my last lesson last week. The classes are great the teachers are patient and work great with beginners. I didn't tell them I was training for a tri right away so there would be no pressure. I wanted to use TI to focus on the techniques and form without the imminent deadline.

Tues and Thurs mornings I train with coach Jaime at a local HS. She's been swimming since she came out of the womb and competed in her first tri at 10! She's been doing alot of work preparing me for the tri. She pushes me to go the distance and makes sure my form is tight no matter how tired I am.

I've been meeting with Coach Wilson to get my long bikes in followed by an immediate run. He's another one who has competed or participated in a million triathlons. He's done the IRONMAN and competes in 4 or 5 events a year. I think he's nuts for doing all the stuff he's doing but I'm not gonna tell him that.

I definitely appreciate the time and effort all of the trainers, coaches and volunteers put in to help me compete this goal.

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