Sunday, April 8, 2007

FAQ: Why a Triathlon ... WTF were you thinking?

One of the questions Ive been getting is ... why? Why a triathlon? Why now?

In January, I realized that my grandmother's birthday was approaching. Then it hit me like an anvil that 2007 would be 10 years since she passed. In the past I kicked around a bunch of ideas to do something in her honor. I never did it. Life always got in the way. Either I was working too many hours or two jobs or I was in school or I had to take care of my son. Either way, even if none of those things were going on ... there would be another excuse.

I'm just an average dude. Working a 9-5, couple mortgages, credit cards, family to raise, friends you don't keep in touch with enough, don't spend enough time with extended family or even my immediate family. You know the routine, most of you reading this are in a similar situation. I'm comfortable making moves in my robotic state going through the same day to day motions. I needed to find a way to do something big, positive and get me out of this routine.

It's been 10 years since she passed of cancer and I wanted to do something to honor her memory and help others at the same time. I want to break out of the average dude routine. Shake my world up ... wake my ass up. An Olympic triathlon isn't out of reach if I do the things I'm supposed to do. Train right, eat right, sleep right, and raise some funds and create awareness for the Lukemia Society.

My grandmother provided the motivation and the why, the Lukemia Society would provide the how and all I had to do was provide the perseverance, persistance and determination to make it happen. Here I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Martin Muehl said...

Now that's a great reason to do triathlon - I wish you all the best!