Sunday, April 8, 2007

Triathlon Training Week 9: Simulator

We're 9 weeks into the training schedule and things are really progressing. We had our third simulator today and it was pretty tough. For a guy that couldn't swim 9 weeks ago ... I did pretty decent. I swam 24 lengths in 45 minutes, jumped on the bike for 45 minutes, and ran 3 miles in 35 minutes.

I've been in the pool 4 days a week:

Mondays at Total Immersion
Tues and Thursdays at a local High School
Sundays with the TNT (Team in Training) group.

I'm finally running and biking outside. It's totally different from the treadmill and stationary bike but I'm getting used to it. During the week my short runs are 45 minutes or a little more than 3 miles now that my pace is improving. My short bikes have been about 6 miles. On the weekends, when I'm doing a simulator the long runs have been 4 miles and the long bikes have been 14 miles.

I'm on schedule to finishing the Olympic tri and if I can add a few more focused runs and bikes I might do really well.

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